What are the reports that Taekwondo training software generates?

The Taekwondo training sotfware allows you to generate and print up to nine physical and tactical/technical reports in PDF format for record-keeping purposes:

  • Competitors evolution report: Shows physical test results using graphics that analyze performances according to the competitor’s max force, velocity and resistance numbers.
  • Workload report: Shows force, resistance, and velocity behaviors by using indicators such as the competitor’s intensity, number of sessions, and the percentage distribution throughout its accumulation, distribution, and execution phases.
  • Phases report: Shows how many days and weeks compose each stage and what will get worked out each day of the week.
  • Microcycle report: Expresses what physical capacities are going to be worked out each week, the quantity of exercises, intensity, volume, series, pauses and rhythm.
  • Personal training report: Shows the date of each class, the day each test was carried out, the maximum effort results, what ability was being developed, intensity level, how much weight should be carried, the time in which the race should be completed, the series number, pauses and execution rhythm.
  • Tactical training plan report: Can be interpreted as general information about the tactical sessions: Provides the session dates, session name and the trainer’s name.
  • Detailed reports about the tactical sessions: Provides the tactical session name or the tactical objective, a description to best understand the session, images of techniques that can be worked on in practice through repetitions and additional training time, series information, any breaks in the attacks, when the session ended, intensity level, how it got done (collaboration, opposition, combativeness pace, real combat), what materials were used (weapons, kicking devices, ropes, masks, none implemented), what part of the plan was worked on, and even provides space to make any methodological notes.
  • Results report: This information is pulled upon a competition’s end and analyzed individually with each athlete. The report tells which place your athlete earned in the competition, the coach’s review of how the athlete behaved in regards to force, velocity, and resistance factors, and uses graphics to help summarize the tests. It analyzes the physical tests against the actual competition performance results, and helps you figure out what could have been the problem.
  • Annual reports: This is a report that reflects all the training plans and competitive programs that were completed during any 12-month period of your choosing, and allows you to see their objectives, initiation dates, culmination dates or the dates when the objectives were met, microcycle quantity, and for which competitors each plan had been created.

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