Discover how to create unlimited Taekwondo training plans that will establish your expertise, maximize the performance of your students and increase your finances, all in less than 30 minutes.

Alain Alvarez TaekwondoHi, my name is Alain Alvarez, official distributor in the United States of the first and only software specialized to create specific and efficient Taekwondo training plans; “Evolución Sport Taekwondo” (Sports Taekwondo Evolution), now with two versions to fit your needs in two languages each (English or Spanish).

1. Evolucion Sport Taekwondo – Professional Version

2. Evolucion Sport Taekwondo – Personal Training Version


1. Evolucion Sport Taekwondo – Professional Version

The professional Taekwondo sotfware version was created for all the Taekwondo professors, coach, trainers and athletes  who want to efficiently and professionally automate their training plans and class programs to consider the physical, technical and tactical aspects according to the age and tested physical fitness results of their students.

What benefits does “Evolución Sport Taekwondo” offer me? 

A. Establishes your Taekwondo expertise.

B. Maximizes tactical, technical, and physical performances in classes and competitions.

C. Gradually increments your financial gains.

D. Simplifies your workload and calculating times by 80%.

A.      Establishes your Taekwondo expertise. 

It’s not a secret to anybody that, during the preporatory stages of their classes, more than 90% of Taekwondo professors don’t devise plans that systematically and rationally match the objectives and needs of their students. The grand majority of them teach with a plan they create spontaneously just minutes before class, sometimes even formulating it while their class is in session.

By buying this software, you would become one of the first professors to generate specific Taekwondo plans that will guide you in an organized fashion through the entire teaching process like a true Taekwondo professional.

Show the public that you are dedicated and commited by making daily class plans and other similarly useful information available to them. This will not only make you feel calmer and more prepared for class, but it will also demonstrate your level of preparation, organization, control and Taekwondo knowledge to everyone who views the information.

B.      Maximizes tactical, technical, and physical performances in classes and competitions.

The personalized training offered by “Evolución Sport Taekwondo” was based on the theoretical and practical concepts of trainers who have succeeded on the world stage.

This software guarantees to efficiently optimize the physical condition, due to the fact that it rations the workload according to each student’s maximum potential.

In regards to the technical/tactical aspect, this organized program  provides you the ability to create an ample information base for teaching the technical/tactical improvements you deem necessary.

Upon a competition’s completion, this software is capable of generating very specific reports analyzing every participating athlete’s behavior. Additionally, the software is capable of saving all your training plans and each of your student’s results. You will never lose important information this way, so you’ll always be able to repeat the lessons that worked and modify those that didn’t meet your expectations.

Upon creating a program, you will undoubtedly be able to select and cautiously organize all content, methods, media, procedures and controls, in relation to the needs and capabilities of your students. This will contribute to easier assimilation and better planning, and will therefore maximize your results.

 C.    Gradually increments your financial gains.

The professionalism, functionality and efficiency that “Evolución Sport Taekwondo” provides to coaches and students maximizes the quality of services being offered to students, thereby differentiating it from all its competitors.  This would not only justify incrementing class costs, but will also entice students to want to train with you due to the unique nature of your services.

 D.    Simplifies your workload and calculating times by 80%.

The planning process can last a few weeks, thanks to the time it takes to figure out your lessons, as well as the time it takes to gather the information and figure out how best to split the workload among your daily classes.

This innovative software will guide you step by step in order to create a logical training program, even if you have no technological experience.  The program itself will instantly do all the tedious mathematical calculations for you, and it will do so without error. Lastly, it will automatically generate a series of reports the minute you input information into the database.

How much would “Evolución Sport Taekwondo” help me out?

  • Generates unlimited plans and programs that will last up to 12 months
  • Allows you to store up to 999 students in the database using the following information:  name, date of birth, age, sex, age category, actual weight, competition weight, address, e-mail, telephone number and archived photo, or you can take an instant photo using a PC webcam
  • Allows you to store up to 999 trainers in the database using such information as first and last names, agency or federation name, logo, address, e-mail, telephone number and photo
  • Capable of inserting unlimited tactical situations with specific derivatives
  • Capable of infinitely creating physical and technical classes
  • Allows you to create up to three sessions per day for high-performance athletes
  • Allows up to 200 daily exercises with as many as eight exercise combinations in each
  • Incorporates 397 high-definition videos demonstrating correct techniques and exercises.
  • It permits you to add an unlimited number of physical fitness exercises to the database using their proper names and to add photos that teach users how to do them. It also allows you to change the names of existing database exercises, if you prefer to call them by another name. (User’s not permitted to add videos)
  • It allows you to generate and print up to nine physical and tactical/technical reports in PDF format for record-keeping purposes:

Competitors evolution report:  Shows physical test results using graphics that analyze performances according to the competitor’s max strength, speed and endurance numbers.

Workload report: Shows force, resistance, and velocity behaviors by using indicators such as the competitor’s intensity, number of sessions, and the percentage distribution throughout its accumulation, distribution, and execution phases.

Phases report: Shows how many days and weeks compose each stage and what will get worked out each day of the week.

Microcycle report: Expresses what physical capacities are going to be worked out each week, the quantity of exercises, intensity, volume, series, pauses and rhythm.

Personal training report: Shows the date of each class, the day each test was carried out, the maximum effort results, what ability was being developed, intensity level, how much weight should be carried, the time in which the race should be completed, the series number, pauses and execution rhythm.

Tactical training plan report: Can be interpreted as general information about the tactical sessions: Provides the session dates, session name and the trainer’s name.


Detailed reports about the tactical sessions: Provides the tactical session name or the tactical objective, a description to best understand the session, images of techniques that can be worked on in practice through repetitions and additional training time, series information, any breaks in the attacks, when the session ended, intensity level, how it got done (collaboration, opposition, combativeness pace, real combat), what materials were used (weapons, kicking devices, ropes, masks, none implemented), what part of the plan was worked on, and even provides space to make any methodological notes.

Results report: This information is pulled upon a competition’s end and analyzed individually with each athlete. The report tells which place your athlete earned in the competition,  the coach’s review of how the athlete behaved in regards to force, velocity, and resistance factors,  and uses graphics to help summarize the tests. It analyzes the physical tests against the actual competition performance results, and helps you figure out what could have been the problem.

Annual reports: This is a report that reflects all the training plans and competitive programs that were completed during any 12-month period of your choosing, and allows you to see their objectives, initiation dates, culmination dates or the dates when the objectives were met, microcycle quantity, and for which competitors each plan had been created.

What can “Evolución Sport Taekwondo”  profesional version do for you?

  • Puts you into any phase, week, class, exercise or tactical situation of any past training plan without you having to redesign it.
  • Allows you to add physical (not technical) exercises to the database with their name and photos.
  • You can change, add or eliminate whatever part of the plans you choose.
  • Select which of your athletes will compete in specific programs and training plans. Each group can have specific plans and programs based around their interests.
  • See all exercise videos at two speeds (standard or slow) in two dimensions for a better understanding.
  • Instantly calculate the maximum force your students can use in each one of the programmed exercises, without needing to put excess weight on your younger students. All you’ll need to insert is the information as to weight lifted and number of reps on all the previously evaluated exercises.
  • It instantly calculates the average velocities (m/s) that students achieved in every test run upon inserting how much time your students took to finish the predetermined distances.
  • The program generates personalized training plans for three different age groups  (under 14, 14-18, and over 18) using the lessons of prestigious spanish Taekwondo trainer Gabriel Esparza.
  • Having full control of all the tools, you will not only be able to create training plans for your competing athletes, but also create physical, technical and tactical training plans for new students wanting to learn combat-style Taekwondo.

Here are some testimonials from coaches and athletes who are using this excellent tool for Taekwondo.

“When the USA Taekwondo Head Coach, Juan Moreno, invited me to work as the physical trainer of his classified athletes for the London Olympic Games 2012, I thought it would take many hours of work in planning and then personally training with the athletes Paige McPherson and then with Terrence Jennings.  Thanks to Evolution Sport Taekwondo, I was able to calculate all the percentages of the weight that the athletes had to carry, the speed at which they had to run every distance and to save each session with all the details in a pdf format allowing me later to email it to their trainer Juan Moreno put in practice with his athletes.

Paige McPherson, Terrence Jennings bronce in the 2012 London Olympic Games with coach Juan Moreno and Alain Alvarez

The results were excellent: two bronze metals.  The athletes felt strong, fast and their resistance level was like never before.   Without the use of the technological advancement of Evolution Sport Taekwondo, we would have achieved the same positive results; however, I would have had to take much more time from my other duties to carry out this professional achievement.  Following I include Terrence Jennings and Paige McPherson and testimonies on how they felt with their physical training program”.

Alain Alvarez
Master of Science in Sport Training
“The money I invested in this program is completely insignificant when you consider all the time I have saved because of it and all the profits I have earned from it. Before, I would waste money creating advertisements that people would just throw away without reading.
My classes are now getting better each day because of this software and my students are recommending me to more of their friends and family members.
If you are seriously interested in automating your program and improving your class quality to achieve those higher goals, then buy this software now and give yourself an advantage over the competition”.
Daniel Espinosa. 1AF TAekwondo
“Planning is one of the most important factors to consider when a person sets out to achieve high goals in any industry or arena. If one has planned accordingly, they should instantly know what to do, when to do it, how much to do, how to do it, when to do it, and with whom to do it. These questions should not give him or her any difficulty.
The reality is that the traditional planning process can consume many days, depending on what the preparations for it entail. Those many hours spent working limit the amount of time you get to spend with your family or the free time you can avail to your other projects and activities.
“Evolución Sport Taekwondo” (Evolution Sports Taekwondo) has revolutionized my work in many aspects. For instance, since everything within this software is so simplified, the user gains back about 90% of the time it would’ve taken him or her to carry out the same functions without the program.
That is time that can now be better spent elaborating on the plans for your next course, whether it be a Taekwondo class or some other physical fitness course aimed at weight loss and better health. This, in turn, will increase the quality of your classes and give you the opportunity to double your monetary gains by as much as 50% in one year“
Alexander Olivera.Ultimate Taekwondo & fitness Center LLC
“When I became the owner of my teakwood school and a father, I thought I would never be able to train correctly in order to compete and achieve good results.Thanks to Evolución Sport Taekwondo, I get up in the morning, print my daily training plan and I take it to the gym or to the running track depending its orientation for that day.
The plan has all the details of what and how to carry out all the exercises. For example: the running exercises tell me the distance I should run, how many times (reps and sets), in what amount of time, and how much time should be allowed for recuperation between repetitions and sets.Although I cannot train with black belt adults specialized in combat, I’ve been able to achieve the personalized training that is generated by the software and I’ve able to add all the tactics as well as other details that fit my possibility and individual characteristics and i’ve been able to carry out with my students successfully”.
Vicente Albuernes. Family Taekwondo 
I have paid over $800 U.S. dollars to create a high performance training plan for Taekwondo teams, but today you do not have to hire anyone for that. Just for today you pay $67.95 dollars for the professional version which has all the benefits and you can instantly download the Taekwondo software now and work with it today.
This offer is limited, so click now on the button “DOWNLOAD NOW”

2. Evolucion Sport Taekwondo – Personal Training Version

The Personal Training is the more limited version of the “professional version”.

In this version, all the training plans that will be generated are designed strictly under the practical and theoretical criteria of prestigious spanish trainer Gabriel Esparza, who is a four-time European champion (’92, ’94, ’96 & ’98), a World Cup champion (’98), and a sub Olympic champion (’00).

What are the LIMITATIONS of this version as compared to the professional one?

  • It is exclusively designed to create Taekwondo-specific general training plans. There’s no way to create tactical sessions.
  • It’s not possible to create your own physical training plans, only the training plan that Gabriel Esparza generates using the personal qualities of an athlete (age and their physical test results).
  • Because of its physical and technical aspects, the generated plans are to be used exclusively by mid- to high-level athletes. They are too advanced for beginners.
  • Only allows up to two athletes per software.
  • No way of editting, adding or eliminating exercises or workloads.
  • You cannot create exercises to add to the database.
  • It’s not impossible to create a plan that exceeds 18 preporatory weeks.

What are the BENEFITS of this version as compared to the professional one?

  • To coincide with that person’s competition date, the program is designed for the athlete to reach his or her best results by the date you’ve selected.
  • It is 3 times less expensive than the professional version.
  • The physical plans are generated in less than 5 minutes.
  • There is no need to have any training, planning, knowledge, or have almost any computer skills.

Just for today you pay $ 33.97 for the personal trainer version


–  Operating system: Microsoft Windows (7, Vista, XP, Server)
–  Disk space: 800 MB


Each license entitles the user to indefinite use of the software, but only on one computer and one version of the operating system.

Video tutorials that teach the simple operation of Evolution Sport Taekwondo

Enter students and coaches’ data to Taekwondo software

This video tutorial teaches you how to create training plans in just 10 min

How to create a taekwondo training plans using your own criteria

I hope you take the decision now and don’t be left behind. Make the technologies science work for you and enjoy all the benefits this innovative Taekwondo tool gives you.